Haber means in old German "oat", in modern German it is "Hafer":"Haferflocken"="Oatflakes".

Haber can refer to:

  • The Haber process, the method of synthesizing ammonia from hydrogen and nitrogen.
  • The Born-Haber cycle, an approach to analyzing reaction energies.
  • 23804 Haber, a minor planet.
  • Haber (film), a 2008 short-film depicting the work of Fritz Haber with the German army.


  • Alan Haber, American student activist
  • Brett Haber, American sportscaster
  • Eitan Haber (born 1940), Israeli journalist
  • Fritz Haber (1868–1934), German chemist and Nobel Prize winner
  • Heinz Haber (1913–1990), German physicist and science writer
  • Justin Haber (born 1981), Maltese footballer
  • Marco Haber (born 1971), German footballer
  • Marcus Haber (born 1989), Canadian soccer player
  • Ralf Haber (born 1962), German hammer thrower
  • Shamai Haber (1922-1995), sculptor
  • Yaacov Haber, rabbi
  • Peter Haber (born 1952), Swedish actor
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