Greta Garbo - Filmography


Film credits
Year Title Role Director Co-star Notes
1920 Mr. and Mrs. Stockholm Go Shopping Elder sister Swedish: Herrskapet Stockholm ute på inköp;
An advertisement. Garbo's segment is often known as How Not to Dress. The commercial premiered 12 December 1920.
1921 The Gay Cavalier Garbo played an extra. Swedish: En lyckoriddare;
Uncredited. The film is lost.
1921 Our Daily Bread Companion Swedish: Konsum Stockholm Promo; An advertisement
1922 Peter the Tramp Greta Swedish: Luffar-Petter; A two-reel comedy; Garbo's first part in a commercial film
1924 Saga of Gosta Berling, TheThe Saga of Gosta Berling Elizabeth Dohna Stiller, MauritzMauritz Stiller Hanson, LarsLars Hanson Swedish: Gösta Berling's Saga; Garbo’s first leading part in a feature-length film, directed by her mentor, the celebrated Mauritz Stiller.
1925 Joyless Street, TheThe Joyless Street Greta Rumfort Pabst, G. W.G. W. Pabst Nielsen, AstaAsta Nielsen German: Die freudlose Gasse; Garbo plays the principal role in this German film made by renowned director Pabst
1926 Torrent Leonora Moreno
aka La Brunna
Bell, MontaMonta Bell Cortez, RicardoRicardo Cortez First American movie. All of Garbo's subsequent movies were made in Hollywood and produced by MGM.
1926 Temptress, TheThe Temptress Elena Niblo, FredFred Niblo Moreno, AntonioAntonio Moreno Stiller was originally assigned to direct; his directing methods and personality led to conflicts with MGM producer Irving Thalberg who fired him.
1926 Flesh and the Devil Felicitas Brown, ClarenceClarence Brown Gilbert, JohnJohn Gilbert First of seven Garbo movies directed by Clarence Brown and first of four with co-star John Gilbert
1927 Love Anna Karenina Goulding, EdmundEdmund Goulding Gilbert, JohnJohn Gilbert Adapted from the novel Anna Karenina by Tolstoy
1928 Divine Woman, TheThe Divine Woman Marianne Seastrom, VictorVictor Seastrom Hanson, LarsLars Hanson The film is lost; only a 9 minute reel exists.
1928 Mysterious Lady, TheThe Mysterious Lady Tania Fedorova Niblo, FredFred Niblo Nagel, ConradConrad Nagel
1928 Woman of Affairs, AA Woman of Affairs Diana Merrick Furness Brown, ClarenceClarence Brown Gilbert, JohnJohn Gilbert The first of seven Garbo films with actor Lewis Stone who, with the exception of Wild Orchids, played secondary roles.
1929 Wild Orchids Lillie Sterling Franklin, SidneySidney Franklin Asther, NilsNils Asther
1929 Single Standard, TheThe Single Standard Arden Stuart Hewlett Robertson, John S.John S. Robertson Asther, NilsNils Asther,
Brown, John MackJohn Mack Brown
1929 Kiss, TheThe Kiss Irene Guarry Feyder, JacquesJacques Feyder Nagel, ConradConrad Nagel Garbo's, and MGM's, last silent picture
1930 Anna Christie Anna Christie Brown, ClarenceClarence Brown Bickford, CharlesCharles Bickford,
Dressler, MarieMarie Dressler
Garbo's first talkie and first Academy Award nomination for Best Actress
1930 Romance Madame Rita Cavallini Brown, ClarenceClarence Brown Gordon, GavinGavin Gordon Nominated—Academy Award for Best Actress
1930 Anna Christie Anna Christie Feyder, JacquesJacques Feyder Junkermann, HansHans Junkermann,
Viertel, SalkaSalka Viertel
MGM's German version of Anna Christie was also released in 1930; Salka Viertel, Garbo's close friend, later co-wrote several of her screenplays.
1931 Inspiration Yvonne Valbret Brown, ClarenceClarence Brown Montgomery, RobertRobert Montgomery
1931 Susan Lenox (Her Fall and Rise) Susan Lenox Leonard, Robert Z.Robert Z. Leonard Gable, ClarkClark Gable
1931 Mata Hari Mata Hari Fitzmaurice, GeorgeGeorge Fitzmaurice Novarro, RamonRamon Novarro After the multi-star Grand Hotel, Garbo's highest grossing film
1932 Grand Hotel Grusinskaya Goulding, EdmundEdmund Goulding Barrymore, JohnJohn Barrymore,
Barrymore, LionelLionel Barrymore,
Crawford, JoanJoan Crawford,
Beery, WallaceWallace Beery
Academy Award for Best Picture
1932 As You Desire Me Zara aka Marie Fitzmaurice, GeorgeGeorge Fitzmaurice Douglas, MelvynMelvyn Douglas,
Stroheim, Erich vonErich von Stroheim
First of three movies with Douglas
1933 Queen Christina Queen Christina Mamoulian, RoubenRouben Mamoulian Gilbert, JohnJohn Gilbert
1934 Painted Veil, TheThe Painted Veil Katrin Koerber Fane Boleslavski, RichardRichard Boleslavski Brent, GeorgeGeorge Brent
1935 Anna Karenina Anna Karenina Brown, ClarenceClarence Brown March, FredricFredric March New York Film Critics Circle Award for Best Actress
1936 Camille Marguerite Gautier Cukor, GeorgeGeorge Cukor Taylor, RobertRobert Taylor New York Film Critics Circle Award for Best Actress
National Board of Review Best Acting Award
Nominated—Academy Award for Best Actress
1937 Conquest Countess Marie Walewska Brown, ClarenceClarence Brown Boyer, CharlesCharles Boyer Because the final cost for this extravagant production vastly exceeded its budget, coupled with its poor box office receipts, the film lost $1,397,000.
1939 Ninotchka Nina Ivanovna "Ninotchka" Yakushova Lubitsch, ErnstErnst Lubitsch Douglas, MelvynMelvyn Douglas National Board of Review Best Acting Award
Nominated—Academy Award for Best Actress
Nominated—New York Film Critics Circle Award for Best Actress
1941 Two-Faced Woman Karin Borg Blake Cukor, GeorgeGeorge Cukor Douglas, MelvynMelvyn Douglas National Board of Review of Motion Pictures Best Acting Award

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