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  • Attribution of recent climate change
  • Carbon credit
  • Carbon Disclosure Project
  • Carbon emissions reporting
  • Carbon neutrality
  • Carbon offset
  • Clean Air Act
  • Cool Earth 50
  • Infrared window Atmospheric window
  • Integrated Carbon Observation System
  • Eddy covariance (also known as eddy correlation and eddy flux)
  • Effects of global warming
  • Emission standard
  • Environmental impact of aviation
  • European Climate Change Programme
  • Externality
  • Global Atmosphere Watch
  • Greenhouse debt
  • Hydrogen economy
  • List of countries by electricity production from renewable sources
  • List of international environmental agreements
  • Low-carbon economy
  • Low-carbon fuel standard
  • Mobile source air pollution
  • North American Carbon Program
  • Physical properties of greenhouse gases
  • Regional Greenhouse Gas Initiative
  • Regulation of greenhouse gases under the Clean Air Act
  • Renewable energy commercialization
  • Sustainability measurement
  • World energy consumption
  • Zero-emissions vehicle

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