Greek Orthodox Church

The Greek Orthodox Church (Monotonic Greek: Ελληνορθόδοξη Εκκλησία, Polytonic: Ἑλληνορθόδοξη Ἑκκλησία, ) is the body of several churches within the larger communion of Eastern Orthodox Christianity sharing a common cultural tradition whose liturgy is also traditionally conducted in Koine Greek, the original language of the New Testament. The church's current territory more or less covers areas in the Eastern Mediterranean that used to be a part of the Byzantine Empire. The Church's origins lie in the Ancient Christian church, and maintains many traditions practiced in the Ancient Church. Among these traditions are the use of incense, Liturgical Worship, Priesthood, making the sign of the cross, etc. The Church, unlike the Catholic church, has no Bishopric head, such as a Pope, and holds the belief that Christ is the head of the Church. The Church is governed by a committee of Bishops, however, and one central Bishop, called the Patriarch, who is first among equals. The Church has never suffered a major schism since its beginning before the appearance of the Roman Catholic Church. The Church is notable in its veneration of the Virgin Mary and the Saints in its Divine Liturgy or "Mass" form of worship on Sundays, which dates back to the fourth century A.D. at its current state. The Divine Liturgy of the Orthodox Church was written by Saint John Chrysostom (347-407 A.D.).

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