Gravity Force

Gravity Force is a computer game released in 1989 for the Amiga by Kingsoft. It is a 2D Thrust-clone, with single player missions and a 2-player multiplayer mode. It is primarily notable for inspiring the far more popular unofficial sequel.

In 1994, Jens Andersson and Jan Kronqvist released Gravity Force 2 in both freeware and registered versions. Innovative split-screen and serial-cable multiplayer modes gave it great replayability value; the magazine Amiga Power declared it the second best game of all time, and commissioned Gravity Power, the slightly tweaked final version which was given away on the coverdisk of issue 50. All versions are now freeware.

Although the planned sequel gf2k was never finished, many similarly titled clones appeared, such as Gravity Force XNA, Gravity Jam, Gravity Power 2, Gravity Force, Gravity Strike, Gravity Fight, Gravity Wars, Gravastar, and Galaxy Forces V2. These games are generally freeware, unfinished and refer to themselves as "Gravity Force clones", rather than "Thrust-clones".

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