Governors of Yunnan

Governors of Yunnan: The Governor is the second highest office in Yunnan, after the Secretary of the CPC Yunnan Committee. The Governor, who is elected by the Yunnan Provincial People's Congress, is responsible for all economic, environmental, political, personnel and foreign affairs issues concerning Yunnan.

  1. Chen Geng (陈赓): March 1950–February 1955
  2. Guo Yingqiu (郭影秋): February 1955–November 1958
  3. Ding Yichuan (丁一川): November 1958–January 1965
  4. Zhou Xing (周兴): January 1965 – 1966
  5. Tan Furen (谭甫仁): August 1968–October 1970
  6. Zhou Xing: October 1970–October 1975
  7. Jia Qiyun (贾启允): October 1975–February 1977
  8. An Pingsheng (安平生): February 1977–December 1979
  9. Liu Minghui (刘明辉): December 1979–April 1983
  10. Pu Chaozhu (普朝柱): April 1983–August 1985
  11. He Zhiqiang (和志强): August 1985–January 1998
  12. Li Jiating (李嘉廷): January 1998–June 2001
  13. Xu Rongkai (徐荣凯): June 2001–November 2006
  14. Qin Guangrong (秦光荣): January 2007 – August 2011
  15. Li Jiheng (李纪恒): August 2011 – incumbent

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