Goebel - People


  • Brad Goebel (born 1969), professional American football player
  • Ed Goebel (1898–1959), Major League Baseball player
  • Evandro Goebel (born 1986), Brazilian footballer
  • Florian Goebel (1972–2008), German astrophysicist
  • Günter Goebel (1917–1993), German officer during World War II
  • Joey Goebel (born 1980), American author
  • Justus Goebel (1860–1919), American politician
  • Karl Ritter von Goebel (1855–1932), German botanist
  • Louis S. Goebel (1839–1915), New York politician
  • Paul G. Goebel (1901–1988), American football player
  • Peter Goebel, president of Elmhurst College
  • Reinhard Goebel (born 1952), German conductor and violinist
  • Timothy Goebel (born 1980), American figure skater
  • Walther F. Goebel (1899—1993), American immunologist
  • William Justus Goebel (1856–1900), 34th Governor of Kentucky

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