Glück (transliterated Glueck) (German: "luck" or "happiness") is the surname of:

  • Alois Glück (born 1940), German politician
  • Eleanor Glueck (1898-1972), American Criminologist and wife of Sheldon Glueck.
  • Ernst Glück (1654-1705), German theologian and bible translator
  • Gustav Glück (1871-1952), Austrian art historian
  • Louise Glück (born 1943), American poet
  • Sheldon Glueck (1896-1980), Polish American criminologist

Gluck may refer to:

  • Alma Gluck (Reba Feinsohn) (1884 - 1938), a Romanian-US soprano
  • Carol Gluck, American historian of modern Japan
  • Christoph Willibald Gluck, one of the most important opera composers of the Classical music era
  • Hannah Gluckstein (1895 - 1978), British painter and lesbian (known as Gluck)
  • Malcolm Gluck, British wine writer
  • Michael Gluck, American pianist
  • Rita Buglass Gluck, US writer
  • Will Gluck, American film director, screenwriter, and producer
  • Gluck (card game)