Gitta Sereny - Bibliography


Her writings include:

  • The Case of Mary Bell. Volume 158 of Pimlico (Series). United Kingdom: Random House. February 13, 1995. ISBN 0712662979, 9780712662970.
  • Into That Darkness: from Mercy Killing to Mass Murder, a study of Franz Stangl, the commandant of Treblinka (1974, second edition 1995)
  • The Invisible Children: Child Prostitution in America, West Germany and Great Britain (1984)
  • Albert Speer: His Battle with Truth (1995, 1996 paperback)
  • Cries Unheard: The Story of Mary Bell (1998)
  • The German Trauma: Experiences and Reflections, 1938-2001 (2002)

The second edition of The Case of Mary Bell contains an appendix on the murder of James Bulger.

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