The word Girish is derived from the joining (called Sandhi in Sanskrit) of two Sanskrit words - Giri (Sanskrit: गिरि) (meaning mountain) and Eish (Sanskrit: इष) (meaning "Lord").

Girish is a Hindu name which means "lord of the mountain" in Sanskrit. This is a name of Lord Shiva, given because of his abode in the Himalayan Mountains. Lord Sri Ventakeshwara who resides on top of seven hills called Saptagiri also has Girish as one of his names.

Girish, the king of mountains, is also referred by some to Himavan. Himavan was the father of Pārvatī (Parvati was the rebirth of Dākshāyani) who eventually married Lord Shiva.

Girish is used as a male name in India.

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