Gigante or Gigantes may refer to:

In people:

  • Evelyn Gigantes (born 1942), Canadian politician and journalist
  • Giacinto Gigante (1806–1876), Italian painter
  • Louis Gigante, retired Catholic priest and a brother of mobsters Mario and Vincent
  • Mario Gigante (born 1923), Caporegime in the Genovese Crime Family
  • Vincent Gigante (1928–2005), Boss of the Genovese Crime Family
  • El Gigante, or Jorge Gonzáles, former basketball player and professional wrestler

In media:

  • Gigante (film), a 2009 Uruguayan film
  • Sábado Gigante ("Giant Saturday"), a Spanish American TV program


  • Gigante, Huila, Colombia
  • Gigantes, a race of giants in Greek mythology
  • Supermercados Gigante, a Mexican supermarket chain