Giant - People


  • AndrĂ© the Giant, French wrestler and actor
  • The Giant, a nickname of American wrestler Paul "The Big Show" Wight

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Famous quotes containing the word people:

    Hard work. Well, that’s all right for people who don’t know how to do anything else. It’s all right for people who aren’t lucky. But once you’re lucky, you don’t have to work for other people. You make them work for you.
    Dan Totheroh (1895–1976)

    ... while many people pride themselves, and with no exaggeration, on their ability to hear with sympathy of the downfall, sickness, and death of others, very few people seem to know what to do with a report of joy, happiness, good luck.
    Jessamyn West (1902–1984)

    What right those who govern have to govern they don’t question, they just govern. Whether the people have a right to depose them that doesn’t concern them. All they are concerned with is that the people will not be tempted to depose them.
    Johann Wolfgang Von Goethe (1749–1832)