Gertrude or Gertrud may refer to:

  • The "underwater phone" used by submarines for communication
  • Gertrude (Hamlet), Hamlet's mother
  • Gertrud (novel), by Hermann Hesse
  • Gertrud (play), by Hjalmar Söderberg
  • Gertrud (film), 1964 Danish film based on Söderberg's play
  • Gertrude (Code name), invasion plan for Turkey by Nazi Germany
  • Gertrude (crater), crater on Uranus' moon Titania
  • 710 Gertrud, minor planet

Places named Gertrude:

  • Gertrude, Arkansas
  • Gertrude, California
  • Gertrude, West Virginia

People with Gertrude as the full name:

  • Gertrude of Aldenberg (1227–1297), blessed in the Roman Catholic Church
  • Gertrude of Austria (1226–1288)
  • Gertrude of Babenberg (d. 1150), Duchess of Bohemia
  • Gertrude of Bavaria (d. 1197), Queen of Denmark
  • Gertrude of Brunswick (d. 1117), Markgräfin of Meissen
  • Gertrude of Dagsburg (d. 1225), Duchess of Lorraine
  • Gertrude of Hackeborn (1223–1292), Abbess of Hellfta
  • Gertrude of Hohenburg (d. 1281), Queen of the Romans
  • Gertrude of Merania (1185–1213)
  • Gertrude of Nivelles (626–659)
  • Gertrude of Poland
  • Gertrude of Saxony (d. 1113), Regent of Holland
  • Gertrude of Süpplingenburg, Duchess of Bavaria and Saxony
  • Princess Gertrude, daughter of Henry the Lion
  • Gertrude the Great (1256–1301) known informally as Saint Gertrude
  • Saint Gertrude, also known as Gertrude of Hamage, founder of the convent Hamage near Douai—see Chronological list of saints and blesseds: 7
  • Gertrude of Holland, wife of Robert I, Count of Flanders

People with the given name Gertrude:

  • Gertrude (given name)