German Russian

German(-)Russian or Russian(-)German may refer to:

  • Germany–Russia relations (c.f. a "German–Russian treaty")
  • Germans in the old Russian Empire or present-day Russia
    • History of Germans in Russia and the Soviet Union
    • Black Sea Germans
    • Caucasus Germans (the area is now divided between several countries)
    • Crimea Germans (the Crimea is now part of Ukraine)
    • Volga Germans
  • Russian-speaking population groups in Germany
  • Russian Mennonites
  • People with multiple citizenship of Germany and Russia
  • People of mixed German and Russian descent

Famous quotes containing the words german and/or russian:

    Boys hide in lunging cubes
    Crouching to explode,
    Beyond the Atlantic skies,
    With cheerful cries
    Their barking tubes
    Upon the German toad.
    Allen Tate (1899–1979)

    Louise, something in me tightens when an American intellectual’s eyes shine, and they start to talk to me about the Russian people. Something in me says, Watch it, a new version of Irish Catholicism is being offered for your faith.
    Warren Beatty (b. 1937)