Gaylord Du Bois

Gaylord Du Bois

Gaylord McIlvaine Du Bois (as it appears on his baptism certificate), or DuBois (He signed it both ways: as two words, both capitalized; and as one word with a capital "B") (August 24, 1899 Winthrop, Massachusetts – October 20, 1993 Orange City, Florida) In his lifetime he wrote well over 3000 comic book stories and comic strips as well as Big Little Books and juvenile adventure novels.

An avid outdoorsman, Du Bois had a real affinity for writing stories with natural settings. His forte was in Westerns, as well as jungle comics and animal reality comics. He created many original second features for Western Publishing (e.g., "Captain Venture: Beneath the Sea", "Leopard Girl", "Two Against the Jungle", etc.), but most of his work for the company was in writing stories with licensed characters. Perhaps most notably, Gaylord Du Bois wrote Tarzan for Dell Comics and Gold Key Comics from 1946 until 1971.

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