Gary Albright - Career


Albright was born in Rhode Island and started amateur wrestling while in High School. Albright wrestled for Billings West high school in Billings, Montana where he had a 55-2 record. Albright was the 1980 state champion. In 1981 Albright placed 2nd in the state championships in Helena, Montana. Albright would go on to wrestle in the NCAA for the University of Nebraska where he set the Nebraska State record for total falls in a season: 38 falls in the 1985-1986 season.

His amateur career ended up netting him the following facts:

  • 1980 Montana State Champion; 1981 Montana state runner-up (55-2 record)
  • University of Nebraska 58 wins – 4 losses – 3 draws
  • Big 8 Champion
  • Big 8 All-Academic team
  • NCAA Runner-up
  • Freestyle and Greco-Roman
  • U.S. team member from 1981–1984
  • 1982 National Open Freestyle champion
  • 1981 World Greco-Roman Elite champion
  • Member of the “Sunkist Kids” national championship team

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