Garry's Mod - User-created Content - Toybox


On September 7, 2010, Newman added a feature called the "Toybox" to Garry's Mod. It utilizes the Amazon S3 service to download third party content, such as weapons, props, maps, game modes or models, directly to the users' machine while in game. In an interview with GMod news, Garry Newman said that "One of GMod's biggest draws is the amount of third party content. I want to make it easier for people to utilize that. I really want to move away from having to download files from websites and drag them to folders, that’s old school. So that’s what I’m heading towards. Maps, models, saved games etc, all saved on the cloud and accessible with a click. Everything should be accessible from in-game. If it isn’t, I’ve failed."

The Toybox has been replaced with the Steam Workshop in versions 13 and up. There are now over 130,000 mods on the Steam Workshop for Garry's Mod and counting.

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