Garden Hose

A garden hose, hosepipe or simply hose is a flexible tube used to convey water. There are a number of common attachments available for the end of the hose, such as sprayers and sprinklers (which are used to concentrate water at one point or spread it over a large area). Hoses are usually attached to a hose spigot (tap).

Garden hoses are commonly green and often black, but can also be found in a variety of other colors. Garden hoses are typically made of synthetic rubber or soft plastic, reinforced with an internal web of fibers. As a result of these materials, garden hoses are flexible and their smooth exterior facilitates pulling them past trees, posts and other obstacles. Garden hoses are also generally tough enough to survive scraping on rocks and being stepped on without damage or leaking. Most garden hoses are not rated for use with hot water, and their packaging will generally specify whether or not this is the case.

Typical hoses used for filling of the potable water tanks in recreational vehicles are similar to garden hoses but are made of nonporous materials that are less likely to collect bacteria or affect the water's taste. They are colored white as a distinguishing characteristic.

The term "hosepipe" is chiefly British, South African and southern U.S. usage; "hose" or "garden hose" is the predominant term in other English-speaking countries. The term "hose" is also used for other types of flexible, water-carrying tubes such as those used by fire departments.

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