Gallus may refer to:

  • several ancient Romans; see Gallus (cognomen)
  • Gaius Cornelius Gallus (ca. 70 BC–26 BC), Roman poet, orator and politician (in later life, Prefect of Egypt)
  • Constantius Gallus (ca. 325/326 – 354) member of the Constantinian dynasty and Caesar of the Roman Empire (351–354).
  • Saint Gall (Saint Gallus), 7th century
  • Gallus Anonymus, a chronicler working in 11th and 12th century Poland
  • Thomas Gallus, ca. 1200-1246
  • Nicolaus Gallus (1516–1570), a Lutheran Reformer
  • Jacobus Gallus (1550–1591), composer
  • Gallus Mag, real name unknown, an early 19th Century female bouncer at a New York bar.
  • Sandor (Alexander) Gallus, Australian archaeologist
  • Gallus, the Latin word for an inhabitant of Gaul
  • Gallus, the singular form of Galli, the eunuch priests of Cybele
  • gallus, the Latin word for rooster or cockerel
  • Gallus (biology), the bird genus in the pheasant family that includes the wild form of the domesticated chicken Gallus gallus.
  • Gallus (constellation), The Cockerel, an obsolete constellation
  • Gallus (Frankfurt am Main), former Gallusviertel, a district of Frankfurt, Germany
  • Gallus (album) is the second album by the Scottish rock band Gun.
  • Gallus, usually used in the plural, another word for suspenders
  • Gallus, a British dialect word, chiefly Scottish, derogatory in origin and meaning "wild, a rascal; deserving to be hanged (from the Gallows)"; later meaning:
  1. Self-confident, daring, cheeky;
  2. Stylish, impressive.
  • Gallus Cycles is a hand-crafted bicycle company in Fort Worth, Texas.