Fujian - Administrative Divisions

Administrative Divisions

The People's Republic of China controls most of the province, and divides it into nine prefecture-level divisions:

Map # Name Administrative Seat Hanzi
Hanyu Pinyin
Population (2010)
— Sub-provincial city —
2 Xiamen Siming District 厦门市
Xiàmén Shì
— Prefecture-level city —
1 Fuzhou Gulou District 福州市
Fúzhōu Shì
3 Longyan Xinluo District 龙岩市
Lóngyán Shì
4 Nanping Yanping District 南平市
Nánpíng Shì
5 Ningde Jiaocheng District 宁德市
Níngdé Shì
6 Putian Chengxiang District 莆田市
Pútián Shì
7 Quanzhou Fengze District 泉州市
Quánzhōu Shì
8 Sanming Sanyuan District 三明市
Sānmíng Shì
9 Zhangzhou Xiangcheng District 漳州市
Zhāngzhōu Shì

All of the prefecture-level cities except Longyan, Sanming, and Nanping are found along the coast.

The nine prefecture-level divisions are subdivided into 85 county-level divisions (26 districts, 14 county-level cities, and 45 counties). Those are in turn divided into 1107 township-level divisions (605 towns, 328 townships, 18 ethnic townships, and 156 subdistricts). Note: these are the official PRC numbers. Thus, Quemoy (Jinmen) is included as one of the 45 counties and Matsu (Mazu) as one of the 334 townships.

Quemoy (Jinmen) County is nominally controlled by Quanzhou prefecture-level city, but it is administered in its entirety by the Republic of China. The PRC-administered Lianjiang County, under the jurisdiction of Fuzhou prefecture-level city, nominally includes the Matsu Islands (Mazu), but Matsu (Mazu) is in reality controlled by the Republic of China, which administers Matsu as Lienchiang County (same name Romanized differently). The Wuchiu (Wuqiu) islands are nominally administered in the PRC by the Xiuyu District of the Putian prefecture, but is in reality controlled by the Republic of China, which administers Wuchiu (Wuqiu) as part of Quemoyy (Jinmen) County.

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