Frosthardr is a Norwegian Christian unblack metal band, formed in 1997. The band plays a rawer type of black metal music with occasional punk influences and lyrics from Christian point of view. The drummer Pål Daehlen (Savn) is a former member of the influential dark metal group Vaakevandring, and the vocalist/guitarist Jokull has played as a live member for the ground breaking act Antestor. Frosthardr has achieved some media notice: They appeared on the British 2007 documentary film Murder Music: A History of Black Metal, and are one of the featured bands on the 2008 summer documentary film titled Light in Darkness – Nemesis Divina focused on Christian black metal. Signed to Momentum Scandinavia, the band has released a demo, two EPs, and a full-length album is yet to be released. In 2007, they played concerts at Cornerstone Festival, Bushnell, Illinois, USA.

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