Free Agents - Episodes


# Title Original airdate Viewers
1 "Episode 1" 13 February 2009 (2009-02-13) 1.300


It's the morning after the night before, and colleagues Alex and Helen must cope with the aftermath of their drunken one-night stand.

This makes for an interesting day at CMA, the PR firm where the staff are hardly fit to look after their own interests, let alone anyone elses. And this is as true of the charismatic yet sleazy boss, Stephen, as it is of any of his employees.

Alex doggedly stalks Helen around town, trying to get her to be his girlfriend (and give him a place to stay that isn't the office sofa), but she is just not having it.

Not, that is, until she's popped to the off licence and gulped down enough wine to cloud her judgement.
2 "Episode 2" 20 February 2009 (2009-02-20) 1.100


Although still suffering the emotional fall-out from his divorce, Alex is convinced that Helen is perfect for him. Helen thinks quite the opposite. Yes, she's slept with him once; okay, so it was twice, but there's no way she's going to do it again...

As Valentine's day approaches, Helen posts Alex's details on a dating website. One night lodging with Stephen is all it takes for Alex to overcome his aversion to online dating, but when he logs in he finds a drunken video message from his ex-girlfriend, Sarah.

Meanwhile, Helen tries to avoid Valentine's Day altogether by arranging a dinner with her elderly accountant, but he sends his very good-looking (and gay) deputy, Raz (Navin Chowdhry), in his place. Also, Stephen has fallen in love, and asks Helen's advice on how he can give up his lecherous ways.
3 "Episode 3" 27 February 2009 (2009-02-27) Unknown

Alex is still homeless. After Helen finds him sleeping in his car, the day gets even worse when the boss tells them his old friend and rival agent Charlie Renfrew has died. This wouldn't be so bad, but Stephen wants them to attend Renfrew's funeral to show their respect, and - more importantly - steal his clients.

Plagued by memories of her fiancé Pete's funeral, Helen heads for the nearest off-licence. That evening, Helen is shocked when Pete's control-freak of a sister Sophie asks her to be godmother to her baby daughter.

At Renfrew's funeral, Alex accidentally antagonises a successful young actor, leaving Helen - who is still drunk - to get a little too deep into a debate with the vicar about the ethics of being a godmother when you don't believe in God.
4 "Episode 4" 6 March 2009 (2009-03-06) Unknown

Helen asks Alex to help babysit her goddaughter with her, and he unexpectedly agrees, suggesting they all go to the park. Alex's children have accidentally revealed that their mum has a new boyfriend, and Alex thinks they'll be at the same park. But when his plan to spy on his kids' new stepfather is rumbled, Alex takes charge of baby Peta, and Helen sees a new side to Alex - the responsible grown-up.

The day of parental pretense is interrupted by a summons from Stephen to an emergency board meeting, which turns out to be a party he's arranged because he's feeling lonely.

But Alex's life does take a turn for the better when Helen asks him to move in to her spare room. And a turn for the worse when he takes his kids to the zoo and they ask him why their friend's mum saw him hiding behind a tree spying on them with his girlfriend and baby...
5 "Episode 5" 13 March 2009 (2009-03-13) Unknown

Alex arranges a surprise party for Helen's birthday. Or rather, Sophie, Helen's dead fiancé's control-freak sister, arranges it.

To keep Helen busy while all is prepared, Alex fixes her up to go for a work drink with Doctor Two-Scenes - a client who consistently gets two scenes in Holby City but is unable to find any other work.

However, best laid plans start to fall apart when Sophie punches Alex in the face and a drunk Helen seems willing to help the Doctor add a sex scene to his repertoire.
6 "Episode 6" 20 March 2009 (2009-03-20) 0.700


Alex is sulking about Helen having sex with Doctor Two-Scenes. Following a drunken argument, Helen storms off to Colchester to have more sex with the Doctor, while Stephen drags Alex to an up-market brothel where he introduces Alex to the glamorous madam, Wendy who Stephen is going to marry on Saturday. Stephen chooses Alex as his best man.

Helen doesn't go to Colchester, but instead goes to Ruislip Crematorium to try to visit Pete's headstone at 3 am. With her drinking and life out of control, she decides to sell her flat and leave CMA, and goes for an interview to train as a therapist.

Meanwhile, Alex bumps into Sarah Stephens, who he's been avoiding. When Helen realises that she just needs to be in therapy, she decides not to leave CMA, and that she doesn't want Alex to move out of her flat. But Alex interrupts her: he has already arranged to move in to Sarah Stephens' spare room. Alex and Helen's relationship issues finally come to a head at Stephen's wedding.

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