Frank Moore Colby

Frank Moore Colby (1865–1925) was an American educator and writer, born in Washington, D. C.. He graduated from Columbia University in 1888, was acting professor of history at Amherst College in 1890-91, lecturer on history at Columbia and instructor in history and economics at Barnard College from 1891 to 1895, and professor of economics at New York University thereafter until 1900.

Between 1893 and 1895 he was a member of the editorial staff of Johnson's Universal Cyclopaedia in the department of history and political science, and in 1898 he became editor of the International Year Book and one of the editors of the International Cyclopedia (1884). The International Cyclopedia was renamed New International Encyclopedia, and Colby was an editor of the 1st edition (1902) and the 2nd edition (1914).

His other literary work comprises editorial writing for the New York Commercial Advertiser 1900-02, "The Book of the Month" in the North American Review (1913- ), as well as critical articles for the Bookman and other magazines. He wrote:

  • Outlines of General History, (1900);
  • Imaginary Obligations, (1904); and
  • Constrained Attitudes, (1910).

Famous quotes by frank moore colby:

    We always carry out by committee anything in which any one of us alone would be too reasonable to persist.
    Frank Moore Colby (1865–1925)

    Averageness is a quality we must put up with. Men march toward civilization in column formation, and by the time the van has learned to admire the masters the rear is drawing reluctantly away from the totem pole.
    Frank Moore Colby (1865–1925)