Fowler can refer to:

  • A hunter of wildfowl
  • Fowler's solution
  • A Fowler flap
  • Fowler's Modern English Usage, an English language style guide originally by Henry Watson Fowler
  • John Fowler & Co. Engineers, Leeds, manufacturers of traction engines, agricultural equipment and railway locomotives
  • a type of cannon
  • Fowler's position: a standard patient position in medicine
  • English or French fowler: A smoothbore flintlock, long barrel gun used with shot to hunt birds and small game, or loaded with buckshot or balls for combat in the Revolutionary War period.

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Famous quotes containing the word fowler:

    As a Tax-Paying Citizen of the United States I am entitled to a voice in Governmental affairs.... Having paid this unlawful Tax under written Protest for forty years, I am entitled to receive from the Treasury of “Uncle Sam” the full amount of both Principal and Interest.
    —Susan Pecker Fowler (1823–1911)