Formula Renault

Formula Renault is a class of formula racing founded in 1971. It is popular in Europe and elsewhere. Regarded as an entry-level series to motor racing, it is a respected series where drivers can learn advanced racecraft before moving on to Formula Three, World Series by Renault, GP2 or Formula One.

Renault now backs several one-make single-seater series; it is essential to distinguish Formula Renault 1.6, Formula Renault 2.0 and Formula Renault 3.5. The GP2 Series is also powered by Renault-badged engines but is not considered part of the Renault driver development programme.

At the end of each racing season, Renault Sport give the opportunity to the best Formula Renault 2.0 drivers to try the 3.5L car at Circuit Paul Ricard.

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