Fontenelle may refer to:

  • Fontenelle, Wyoming, a census-designated place in the US state of Wyoming
  • Fontanelle, Nebraska, a former town in the US state of Nebraska
  • Fontanelle, Iowa
  • Fontenelle (crater), a crater on the moon
  • Bernard le Bovier de Fontenelle (1657–1757), a French writer
  • Fontenelle Abbey, in Normandy, France
  • Guy Éder de La Fontenelle, (16th Century) of the house of Beaumanoir, one of the partisans of the Catholic League, renowned bandit in western Brittany.
  • Logan Fontenelle, a chief of the Omaha Tribe
  • Hotel Fontenelle, once a grand hotel in Omaha, Nebraska
  • Fontenelle Boulevard in Omaha
  • Fontenelle Elementary School in Omaha
  • Logan Fontenelle Housing Project in Omaha
  • Logan Fontenelle Middle School in Bellevue, Nebraska
  • Fontenelle's Post in Nebraska Territory
  • Fontenelle Forest in Bellevue, Nebraska

In communes of France:

  • Fontenelle, Aisne, in the Aisne department
  • Fontenelle-en-Brie, in the Aisne department
  • Fontenelle, Côte-d'Or, in the Côte-d'Or department
  • Fontenelle, Territoire de Belfort, in the Territoire de Belfort department
  • Fontenelle-Montby, in the Doubs department

See also:

  • Wulfram of Sens, also known as Wulfram of Fontenelle or Saint Wulfram
  • Fontanelle (disambiguation)