Fob or FOB may refer to:

In fashion:

  • Fob pocket, a small pocket in trousers or waistcoats originally intended to hold a pocket watch
  • Key fob, a medallion used to identify a key ring, or position on the ring
  • Watch fob, a medallion or ornament attached to a pocket watch to assist in handling

In medicine:

  • Fecal occult blood, blood present but unseen in feces
  • Follow-on biologics, generic biologics

In technology:

  • Fixed odds betting terminal, an electromechanical gambling machine
  • Foot Over Bridge, used for a footbridge at Indian railway stations
  • Frequency Operated Button, or key fob, a small electronic security token

In entertainment:

  • Fall Out Boy, an American rock group
  • FOB (play), a 1981 play by David Henry Hwang

In military:

  • Forward Operating Base, any secured forward position that is used to support tactical operations
  • Fractional Orbital Bombardment, a method of nuclear weapons delivery


  • Federal Office Building (disambiguation), various office buildings owned or occupied by the United States Government
  • FOB (shipping), or Freight on Board, indicating who is liable for a shipment.
  • Fob James, former governor of Alabama
  • Fresh off the boat, a slang phrase for newly arrived immigrants

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Famous quotes containing the word fob:

    If you want to use a cliché you must take full responsibility for it yourself and not try to fob it off on anon., or on society.
    Lewis Thomas (b. 1913)