Fiske is a surname, and may refer to:

  • Alexander Fiske-Harrison (1976), British writer, actor and bullfighter.
  • Bill Fiske, Baron Fiske (1905–1975), British politician
  • Billy Fiske (1911–1940), US sportsman and fighter pilot
  • Bradley A. Fiske (1854–1942), United States Naval officer
  • Clive Fiske Harrison (1939), British investment banker, Chairman of Fiske plc.
  • Donald W. Fiske (1916–2003). US psychologist, introduced the "Multitrait-Multimethod Matrix" together with Donald T. Campbell
  • Fiske Goodeve Fiske-Harrison (1793-1872), High Sheriff of Essex, Justice of the Peace, Lord of the Manor of Copford, Essex
  • George Fiske (1835–1918), American landscape photographer
  • Harrison Grey Fiske (1861–1942), American theatrical manager and journalist
  • Irving Fiske (1908–1990), American playwright
  • John Fiske (disambiguation), multiple people
  • Lewis R. Fiske (1825–1901), American educator, president of Albion College, Eastern Michigan University, and Michigan State University
  • Minnie Maddern Fiske (1865–1932), American actress
  • Robert B. Fiske (born 1930), American politician
  • Robert Fiske (actor) (1889–1944), American actor
  • Susan Fiske, American psychologist
  • Thomas Fiske (1864–1944), American mathematician
  • Willard Fiske (1831–1904), American librarian, scholar, and chess editor
  • William Fiske (disambiguation), multiple people

Famous quotes containing the word fiske:

    Above all, ignore the audience ....
    —Minnie Maddern Fiske (1865–1932)

    Their rebukes have never made me angry, because I have always wondered why they did not rebuke me more. They should have. Their friendly praise has been one of the sweetest, most warming things in my life in the theater. I do go on the stage unafraid of them and with love in my heart for them.
    —Minnie Maddern Fiske (1865–1932)

    ...I have never known a “movement” in the theater that did not work direct and serious harm. Indeed, I have sometimes felt that the very people associated with various “uplifting” activities in the theater are people who are astoundingly lacking in idealism.
    —Minnie Maddern Fiske (1865–1932)