Oak Grove

Oak Grove is a common name for places in the United States of America. The US Geographic Names Information System lists a total of 90 different populated places in the US with this name. In several states, the name is used for multiple locations.

Oak Grove may refer to:

Famous quotes containing the words oak and/or grove:

    Alas for America as I must so often say, the ungirt, the diffuse, the profuse, procumbent, one wide ground juniper, out of which no cedar, no oak will rear up a mast to the clouds! It all runs to leaves, to suckers, to tendrils, to miscellany. The air is loaded with poppy, with imbecility, with dispersion, & sloth.
    Ralph Waldo Emerson (1803–1882)

    He was burned, so he ran into the bamboo grove, but the grove caught fire.
    Punjabi proverb, trans. by Gurinder Singh Mann.