First Air - Fleet


The First Air fleet consists of the following aircraft (as of October 2012):

First Air Fleet
Aircraft No. of Aircraft
(FAB list)
No. of Aircraft
(TC list)
Variants Notes
AĆ©rospatiale ATR 42 9 9 ATR42-300
42 seats, combi aircraft, ice/gravel runway capable
AĆ©rospatiale ATR 72 2/0 2 ATR-72-212C Combi aircraft up to 60 passengers
Hawker Siddeley HS 748 1/0 0 Series 2
Series 2A
40 seats, combi aircraft, large cargo door & ice/gravel runway capable. This airframe has been retired in 2011.
Boeing 727 0/1 2 727-233F Cargo only, ice runway capable. These aircraft were retired from the fleet mid / late 2009.
Boeing 737 7/6 7 737-200
3 200C, 115 seats, combi or 7 pallets full freighter configuration, ice/gravel runway capable, 4 200's 99 seats and no cargo
Boeing 767 1 1 767-223SF Cargo only, 19 pallet configuration, primarily used for the Nutrition North Program.
Lockheed L-100 Hercules 2 2 L-382G Cargo only, 5-8 pallet configuration or bulk loaded freight.

A Douglas DC-3 is still listed with Transport Canada but with its certificate cancelled.

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