Combi Aircraft

Combi aircraft in commercial aviation is an aircraft that can be used to carry either passengers, as an airliner, or cargo as a freighter, and may have a partition in the aircraft cabin to allow both uses at once. Combi aircraft typically feature an oversized cargo door, as well as tracks on the cabin floor to allow the seats to be added or removed quickly. Typically, configured for both passenger and cargo duty, the passenger compartment is pressurized to a higher pressure, to prevent fumes from cargo entering the passenger area.

As of 2009, many airlines have converted their combis into full passenger service or full freighter service for a better profit. Only a few major airlines, such as KLM and Air China, still operate the combis.

In 2008 ATL designed a Boeing 757-200 Combi aircraft for the rock band Iron Maiden. The front of the Aircraft for Passengers and rear of the passenger deck for 6 tonnes of cargo (Iron Maidens Equipment for their tour).

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