Fireman may refer to:

  • Firefighter, an individual employed to extinguish fires and rescue people
  • Fireman (steam engine), an individual employed to tend the fire for running a steam engine, either on a stationary engine, a railway locomotive or a steamship
  • A United States Navy rate for an enlisted seaman who works on ships' propulsion systems, even though steamships are no longer used
  • Fireman (baseball), a baseball player who enters the game after the starting pitcher is removed
  • A pyromaniac or arsonist

In entertainment:

  • An individual employed to start fires to burn books in the novel Fahrenheit 451
  • Fireman (TV series), a Japanese TV series known as Magma Man in some markets
  • Fire Man (Mega Man), a Robot Master from the video game series Mega Man
  • The Fireman (music), electronic music experiments created by Paul McCartney and Youth
  • "Fireman" (song), from Lil Wayne's 2005 studio album Tha Carter II
  • The Fireman (film), a 1916 Charlie Chaplin film
  • Fireman (album), an album by hHead
  • The Fireman, an alternative name used by Capleton, a Jamaican reggae artist