Fight Night

Fight Night may refer to:

In video games:

  • Fight Night (1985 video game), a boxing computer game published by Accolade and U.S. Gold
  • "Fight Night" (EA video game series), a series of video games produced by EA Sports, unrelated to the Accolade game
    • Fight Night 2004, the first game in the series
    • Fight Night Round 2, the first sequel to Fight Night 2004
    • Fight Night Round 3, the second sequel
    • Fight Night Round 4, the third sequel
    • Fight Night Champion, the fourth sequel

In television and film:

  • Fight Night (film), a.k.a. Rigged, a 2008 film
  • "Fight Night" (CSI episode), an episode of TV series CSI: Crime Scene Investigation
  • Fight Night (ITV program), a boxing program on the UK ITV network
  • "Fight Night" and "Fight Night II", episodes of Big Brother (UK) series 5 and series 9, respectively

In sports:

  • UFC Ultimate Fight Night, a series of Ultimate Fighting Championship events. (See foot of linked article page for complete list.)

Famous quotes containing the words fight and/or night:

    There is an ancient saying, which is a true one—”To fight against two opponents is a difficult thing.”
    Plato (c. 427–347 B.C.)

    Then, though darkened, you shall say,
    When friends fail, and Princes frown,
    Virtue is the roughest way,
    But proves at night a bed of down.
    Sir Henry Wotton (1568–1639)