Fernández is a common Spanish surname meaning "son of Fernando." The Germanic name that it derives from means "brave traveler." The Portuguese version of this surname is Fernandes. The Arabized version is Ibn Faranda and it was used by the Mozarabs and Muwallads in Al-Andalus.

  • It is the fourth most popular name in Argentina.
  • It is the 8 most popular name in Spain.
  • It is the 10 most popular in Paraguay.
  • It is the 13 most popular in Mexico.
  • It is the 22 most popular in Peru.
  • It is the 30 most popular in Chile.
  • It is the 138 most popular name in France.( 1891-1990)
  • It is the 223 most popular name in the USA.
  • It is the 891 most popular in Quebec (Canada)
  • The number of FERNANDEZ: SPAIN = 586 000, USA = 115 000, FRANCE = 25 000

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