EuroCity, abbreviated EC, denotes an international train service within the European inter-city rail network. In contrast to trains with the "IC" (InterCity) label, "EC" trains are international trains that meet certain criteria. The EuroCity label replaces the older Trans Europ Express name for border-crossing trains in Europe. The first sixty-four EuroCity trains, fifty-six day services (indexnrs. 1987.01 - 1987.56) and eight night services (indexnrs. 1987.57 - 1987.64), were introduced in 1987. During the pre-Schengen era, passport checks were conducted on EC trains while in motion, rather than while parked at a station or requiring the passengers to disembark, as was sometimes the case for non EC trains. A few require pre-reservation (though this is possible and recommended for all other trains) and in some countries a supplemental charge. In 1993 it was decided that EuroCity trains must complete their journey between 6:00 am and midnight. The night services are operated as EuroNight since May 23, 1993.

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