Episcopal Church

Episcopal Church may refer to:

Anglican Communion
  • The Episcopal Church (United States) in the United States, Honduras, Taiwan, Colombia, Ecuador, Haiti, the Dominican Republic, Venezuela, the British Virgin Islands and parts of Europe.
  • Scottish Episcopal Church
  • Igreja Episcopal Anglicana do Brasil (Brazil)
  • Iglesia Episcopal de Cuba
  • Episcopal Church in Jerusalem and the Middle East
  • Episcopal Church in the Philippines
  • Spanish Reformed Episcopal Church
  • Episcopal Church of the Sudan
Continuing Anglican Movement
  • Anglican Episcopal Church, U.S.
  • Episcopal Missionary Church, U.S.
  • Traditional Protestant Episcopal Church, U.S.
  • Southern Episcopal Church, U.S.
  • United Episcopal Church of North America, U.S.
Anglican, Independent
  • Free Protestant Episcopal Church, North America
  • Reformed Episcopal Church, North and South America, Asia, Europe. Now closely associated with some of the Continuing Anglican churches.
  • African Methodist Episcopal Church, U.S.
  • African Methodist Episcopal Zion Church, North America
  • Christian Methodist Episcopal Church, North America
  • the former Methodist Episcopal Church, now part of the United Methodist Church
Convergence Movement
  • Charismatic Episcopal Church
  • Communion of Evangelical Episcopal Churches

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