Environmentalists For Nuclear Energy Australia

Environmentalists for Nuclear Energy Australia is the Australian affiliate of Environmentalists for Nuclear Energy, a pro-nuclear power non-profit organisation claiming over 9,000 members in 60 countries. Australia has no nuclear power plants, but nuclear power in Australia was an issue in the 2007 elections.

EFN-Australia refers to itself as a not-for-profit environmental association, registered as a political party. EFN-Australia was originally registered as Conservatives for Climate and Environment in early 2007. Its stated major objective is to achieve the strongest possible action on climate change: 1) by promoting acceptance of nuclear energy as a significant part of the solution to climate change; 2) by supporting all viable technologies for greenhouse gas abatement; 3) by pushing for ambitious emissions reduction targets and timelines, achieved by a strong carbon price signal; 4) by endorsing and promoting the election of candidates to the Senate, House of Representatives and/or State Parliaments; 5) by having a politically non-partisan agenda, welcoming positive action from all sides.

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