Ensemble may refer to:

  • Musical ensemble
  • Ensemble cast (drama, comedy)
  • Dance ensemble
  • Statistical ensemble (mathematical physics)
    • Quantum statistical mechanics, the study of statistical ensembles of quantum mechanical systems
    • Ensemble (fluid mechanics)
    • Climate ensemble
    • Ensemble forecasting (meteorology)
    • Ensemble average (statistical mechanics)
  • Distribution ensemble or probability ensemble (cryptography)
  • Ensemble learning (statistics and machine learning)
  • Neural ensemble, a population of nervous system cells (or cultured neurons) involved in a particular neural computation
  • DAB ensemble, a group of Digital Audio Broadcasting broadcasters transmitting multiple digital radio channels on a single radio transmission
  • InterSystems Ensemble for integrating different applications

Ensemble may also refer to:

  • Archaeological Roman Ensemble of Mérida, Spain
  • Ensemble Studios, a Microsoft-owned company in the computer and video game industry
  • The Ensemble Theatre, a theatre company in Australia
  • The Ensemble Theatre, a theatre company in Houston, Texas
  • Geoworks Ensemble, a computer operating system.
  • "Ensemble", the annual festival held at Watumull Institute of Electronic Engineering and Computer Technology
  • "Ensemble", the annual conference held at XLRI School of Business and Human Resources, India
  • Ensemble (band), a project of Olivier Alary