Englert Theatre

Englert Theatre in Iowa City, Iowa, is a splendidly renovated vaudeville-era playhouse which in its modern incarnation is both a community arts center and 725-seat performance venue. It is owned and operated year around by an active local non-profit, Englert Civic Theatre, which is dedicated to the long-term preservation and operation of the facility. It is governed by a 25-member board which widely represents the community and its arts scene.

Today's Englert at 221 Washington Street is an exciting home to the visual, studio, and performing arts in the historic heart of the community.

During each year, its grand modern stage presents an exceptional variety of productions, including live music, comedy, dance, plays, lectures, film screenings, civic events, public and private ceremonies such as awards and anniversary celebrations, and more.

Nationally known touring artists, as well as talented local artists and community performing groups, all find a turn at being featured on the Englert stage. The Englert, indeed, lives on as a legitimate theater!

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