EMC may refer to:

In organizations:

  • EMC Corporation, an information management company
  • IEEE Electromagnetic Compatibility Society, a worldwide professional engineering society
  • Eastern Media Centre, a television channel in the UK
  • Electric Membership Corporation, a type of Utility cooperative
  • Electro-Motive Corporation, a predecessor of the former General Motors Division Electro-Motive Diesel
  • Erode Municipal Corporation, a civic Administrative body in South India
  • EMC Mortgage Corporation, a subsidiary of JPMorgan Chase
  • EMC Motorcycles, a defunct British motorcycle company
  • EMC Publishing, a publisher of educational textbooks and software
  • Entrepreneurial Management Center, or EMC, at San Diego State University
  • European Music Council, the European regional group of the International Music Council
  • Evangelical Mennonite Conference, a Canadian Mennonite group of Evangelical Christians
  • Evangelical Methodist Church, an American Christian denomination
  • Evergreen Marine Corporation, a Taiwanese shipping company

In science and technology:

  • Electromagnetic compatibility, a branch of electrical sciences
  • electronic Medicines Compendium (eMC), a digital catalogue of pharmaceutical products
  • Emergency Medical Care, a part of emergency medicine
  • Enhanced Machine Controller (EMC, EMC2) Former names for the LinuxCNC software used to control CNC machines
  • Environmental Modeling Center, an American government agency that develops atmospheric models
  • European Mathematical Congress, see European Congress of Mathematics
  • European Muon Collaboration, a former high-energy particle physics research group
  • E=MC2, part of the mass-energy equivalence without an exponent
  • Empire MineCraft Empire minecraft is a minecraft community online.

In music:

  • eMC (hip hop group), a hip hop group
  • "E.M.C.", a song by Hawkwind from their 1988 album The Xenon Codex

In humanities:

  • Early Middle Chinese
  • Encyclopedia of the Medieval Chronicle