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  • Eileen Albrizio, American writer
  • Eileen Agar, British Surrealist painter and photographer
  • Eileen Anderson, Hawaii politician
  • Eileen Atkins, English actress
  • Eileen Barker, UK professor
  • Eileen Barton, American singer
  • Eileen Bell, Northern Ireland politician
  • Eileen Bellomo, member of rock group The Stilettos
  • Eileen Bennett Whittingstall, UK tennis player
  • Eileen Boylan, Filipina/Irish-American actress
  • Eileen Brennan, American actress
  • Eileen Browne (disambiguation)
  • Eileen Caddy, a founder of the Findhorn Foundation community
  • Eileen Catterson, Scottish fashion model and former Miss Scotland
  • Eileen Chang, Chinese writer
  • Eileen Collins American astronaut
  • Eileen Coparropa, freestyle swimmer from Panama
  • Eileen Daly, English actress
  • Eileen Davidson, American film actress
  • Eileen Derbyshire, English character actress
  • Eileen Desmond, British politician
  • Eileen Dunne, Irish newsreader
  • Eileen Ellison, English Grand Prix racer
  • Eileen Essell, Irish actress
  • Eileen Farrell, American opera and concert singer
  • Eileen Fisher, clothing retailer and designer
  • Eileen Folson, Broadway composer
  • Eileen Ford, American model agency executive
  • Eileen Fulton, American actress
  • Eileen Gordon, United Kingdom politicisn
  • Eileen Gray, Irish furniture designer and architect
  • Eileen Growald, daughter of David Rockefeller
  • Eileen Gunn, American science fiction writer and editor
  • Eileen Heckart, American actress
  • Eileen Helsby, British actress
  • Eileen Herlie, Scottish-American actress
  • Eileen Hiscock, British athlete
  • Eileen Ivers, Irish-American musician
  • Eileen Joyce, Australian pianist
  • Eileen Kernaghan, Canadian novelist
  • Eileen Lemass, Irish politician
  • Eileen Malloy, US ambassador
  • Eileen McCallum, Scottish actress
  • Eileen McKenney, wife of American writer Nathanael West
  • Eileen McNamara, American columnist and professor
  • Eileen McNamara, Equestrian
  • Eileen Myles American poet
  • Eileen Nearne, member of UK Special Operations Executive (SOE)
  • Eileen O'Brien (actress), English actress
  • Eileen O'Connell (disambiguation)
  • Eileen O'Keeffe, Irish hammer thrower
  • Eileen O'Shaughnessy, wife of British writer George Orwell
  • Eileen Paisley, Baroness Paisley of St George's, Northern Irish politician
  • Eileen Pollock, Northern Ireland actress
  • Eileen Pollock (writer), American television screenwriter and producer
  • Eileen Power, British economic historian and medievalist
  • Eileen Rodgers, American singer and Broadway performer
  • Eileen Roca, former Miss Colombia
  • Eileen Rose, American singer/songwriter
  • Eileen Ryan, American actress
  • Eileen Saxon, infant known as "The Blue Baby"
  • Eileen Sedgwick, American silent film actress
  • Eileen Shields, American footwear designer and entrepreneur
  • Eileen Southern, African American musicologist
  • Eileen Tabios Filipino-American writer and artist
  • Eileen Way, English actress
  • Eileen Whitfield, Canadian journalist and playwright
  • Eileen Wilks, American fiction writer
  • Eileen Wilson, American television star
  • Eileen Yeow, Singaporean actress

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