Edison - Other Uses

Other Uses

  • The Edison, Los Angeles nightclub
  • Edison, an Altoona, Pennsylvania based rock band.
  • Edison, a former name of the band Edison Glass
  • Edison Carter, character in the television show Max Headroom
  • Edison (film), a 2005 film directed by David J. Burke
  • Edison Award, a music award in the Netherlands
  • Edison S.p.A., an Italian energy company
  • Edison Lighthouse, a 70s rock band featuring Tony Burrows
  • Edison (software), a PC energy monitoring application by Verdiem Corporation
  • Edison (software system), a information system on genuine and fraudulent identity documents
  • Edison (train), a passenger train operated by the Pennsylvania Railroad
  • A train operated as part of the Clocker (Amtrak) service
  • Edison, a Vehicle-to-grid research project in Denmark.
  • Edison (programming language), a concurrent programming language designed by Per Brinch Hansen.

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