Edgeline Printing

Edgeline printing is a printing technology based on ink jet printing. In the case of traditional ink jet printers, the tiny match box size print head moves back and forth. This has inherent delay and requires two dimensional movement: (a) movement of print head; and (b) movement of paper. These movements are one of the reasons for the time lag in the ink jet printing.

In the case of edgeline printing technology, the print head is wide enough to cover the size of the printing paper supported in the printer. The print head has ink jet nozzles for the full length of the print head. By this arrangement the print head need not move and the paper movement is the only required movement.

The technology is developed by Hewlett Packard company, and is currently used in the Photosmart Express Station pe1000 retail photo kiosks, Photosmart pm1000 Microlab printer, and CM8060/8050 Color MFP office printers.

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