Eaton Hall

Eaton Hall may refer to:

  • Eaton Hall, Cheshire, England, a private country house owned by the Duke of Westminster
  • Eaton Hall (King City) in King City, Ontario, Canada, a Norman-style chateau converted to a public hotel
  • Eaton Hall (Tufts) on the Tufts University Medford/Somerville campus in Boston, Massachusetts, USA
  • Eaton Hall (Oregon) at Willamette University in Salem, Oregon, USA

Famous quotes containing the word hall:

    Having children can smooth the relationship, too. Mother and daughter are now equals. That is hard to imagine, even harder to accept, for among other things, it means realizing that your own mother felt this way, too—unsure of herself, weak in the knees, terrified about what in the world to do with you. It means accepting that she was tired, inept, sometimes stupid; that she, too, sat in the dark at 2:00 A.M. with a child shrieking across the hall and no clue to the child’s trouble.
    Anna Quindlen (20th century)