Dunn may refer to:


  • Dunn, Indiana (extinct)
  • Dunn, North Carolina
  • Dunn, Texas
  • Dunn County, Wisconsin, county
  • Dunn, Dane County, Wisconsin, town
  • Dunn, Dunn County, Wisconsin, town


  • Dunn baronets, three baronetcies in the Baronetage of the United Kingdom
  • Dunn (bishop), an 8th century English bishop
  • Dunn (surname), an English-language surname


  • Dunn Engineering, racecar makers
  • J. E. Dunn Construction Group, a construction company
  • Dunn Memorial Bridge in Albany, New York

Famous quotes containing the word dunn:

    Harry’s an artist without an art ... groping for the right lever, for the means with which to express himself.
    Jo Eisinger, and Jules Dassin. Adam Dunn (Hugh Marlowe)