Ducharme is a surname. Notable people with the surname include:

  • Annette Ducharme, Canadian musicisn and songwriter
  • Denis Ducharme (1955-), Canadian politician
  • Dominique Ducharme (1765–1853), French Canadian settler and fur trader
  • Gerry Ducharme (1939-), Canadian politician
  • Jean-Marie Ducharme (1723–1807), Fur trader and politician
  • Moira Leiper Ducharme, Canadian politician
  • Raymond Ducharme Morand (1887–1952), Canadian politician
  • Réjean Ducharme (1941-), Canadian novelist and playwright
  • Rick Ducharme (1948-), Canadian administrator
  • Romulus Ducharme (1886–1976), Canadian politician
  • Severin Ducharme (1866-19??), Canadian politician
  • Theresa Ducharme (1945–2004), Canadian activist
  • Todd Ducharme, Canadian judge
  • Debra Ducharme (1954-), Canadian politician, Union Leader and Public Health Care Advocate
  • Yves Ducharme (1958-), Canadian politician
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