Downtown Duluth

Downtown Duluth

The Downtown of Duluth, Minnesota, United States; is situated between Mesaba Avenue (Highway 194) and 4th Avenue East; and located on Michigan, Superior, First, Second, and Third Streets.

The downtown area is easily accessible from Interstate Highway 35.

As in most cities, the downtown area is home to a number of the city's cultural and social attractions, as well as government offices and business centers. Duluth's main library is located in downtown, as is the city's foremost museum, the courthouse, city hall, several local restaurants and bars with live music venues, and many of the larger business offices. Stores and places to eat and drink tend to be locally or regionally owned and operated, with most chain and franchise establishments having located (or re-located) themselves in the "Miller Hill area" around the U.S. Highway 53 corridor.

Most of the downtown is within walking distance of the touristy Canal Park district.

A large portion of the eastern section of downtown is oriented around Essentia Health–St. Mary's Medical Center and Miller-Dwan Medical Center.

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