Dodgson can be a surname. Its origin is "son of Roger", "Dodge" being a mediaeval nickname for Roger, as were Rodge and Hodge.

  • Charles Lutwidge Dodgson, English mathematician, logician, clergyman, photographer and author better known by his pen name Lewis Carroll.
  • Edwin Heron Dodgson, youngest brother of the above, clergyman and missionary
  • Lewis Dodgson, a fictional minor character in Jurassic Park.
  • Stephen Dodgson, a British composer.

Dodgson can also be a given name, following the practice of using an ancestor's surname as a child's given name.

  • Dodgson Hamilton Madden, an Irish Unionist Party Member of Parliament (1887-92).
  • John Dodgson Barrow, an American landscape painter.

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