Docking may refer to:

  • for ships, the use of a Dock, e.g. mooring or drydocking.
  • Spacecraft docking, the process of joining one spacecraft or space station module to another.
  • Docking (animal), the practice of trimming the tail of an animal.
    • Docking (dog), the above practice as specifically applies to dogs.
    • similar maiming of humans, e.g. corporal punishment
  • Dock (computing), a user interface component that provides a user a way of launching and switching between applications.
  • Docking (molecular)
  • Docking, Norfolk, a Norfolk village
  • The piercing of dough as it is manipulated, sometimes with a tool such as a Roller docker.
  • Docking (sex), a sex act.
  • Docking@Home, a distributed computing project

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