Diving - Famous Divers

Famous Divers

  • Australia: Matthew Mitcham, Mathew Helm, Chantelle Newbery, Robert Newbery, Dean Pullar, Melissa Wu, Rebecca Gilmore, and Loudy Tourky
  • Canada: Myriam Boileau, Philippe Comtois, Alexandre Despatie, Arturo Miranda, Blythe Hartley, Émilie Heymans, Anne Montminy, Beverly Boys, and Irene MacDonald
  • China: Qiu Bo, Fu Mingxia, Gao Min, Guo Jingjing, Hu Jia, Lao Lishi, Li Na, Li Ting, Wu Minxia, Peng Bo, Sang Xue, Tian Liang, Xiao Hailiang, Xiong Ni, He Chong, Chen Ruolin, Huo Liang, Wang Xin, Yang Jinghui, and Liang Boxi
  • Germany: Jan Hempel, Patrick Hausding, Sascha Klein
  • Italy: Klaus Dibiasi, Giorgio Cagnotto, Tania Cagnotto
  • Mexico: Joaquín Capilla, Carlos Girón, Rommel Pacheco, Fernando Platas, Paola Espinosa, Yahel Castillo
  • The Netherlands: Edwin Jongejans
  • Russia: Alexander Dobroskok, Gleb Galperin, Vera Ilina, Igor Lukashin, Ioulia Pakhalina, and Dmitri Sautin
  • Sweden: Anna Lindberg, Ulrika Knape
  • United Kingdom: Leon Taylor, Peter Waterfield, Jason Statham, Tom Daley, Brian Phelps
  • United States: Hobie Billingsley, Phil Boggs, David Boudia, Lesley Bush, Jennifer Chandler, Mary Ellen Clark, Scott Donie, Troy Dumais, Michael Galitzen, Barbara Gilders, Fletcher Gilders, Bruce Kimball, Micki King, Dana Kunze, Beatrice Kyle, Sammy Lee, Mark Lenzi, Greg Louganis, Pat McCormick, Cynthia Potter, Aileen Riggin, Jeanne Stunyo, Laura Wilkinson, Wendy Wyland
  • Venezuela: Jhonmar Castillo

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Famous quotes containing the words famous and/or divers:

    Many famous feet have trod
    Sublunary paths, and famous hands have weighed
    The strength they have against the strength they need;
    And famous lips interrogated God
    Concerning franchise in eternity....
    Philip Larkin (1922–1986)

    Time travels in divers paces with divers persons.
    William Shakespeare (1564–1616)